I just came home to find a crime scene in my living room.  I don’t know who did it – my dog Kibbe or my cat Bailey, but the cocker spaniel has a guilty look on his face and he had a bird in his mouth.

From what I can put together it looks like a bird must have gotten into my chimney and flown out of my fireplace.  I’m not sure how the dog or cat got a hold of the little birdie, but one of them did.  Of course my husband wasn’t home so I had to clean up the crime scene alone.  It was a sad and disgusting chore.

Don’t put yourself through an afternoon like mine.  Take advantage of the perfect weather on the way this weekend and give your house a good once-over.  Fix any cracks, gaps or other inlets that might give entrance to little critters this spring.

Now to get the dog and cat to stop staring at the fireplace like a couple of little kids waiting for Santa.