I’m sure you know all about the importance of first impressions.  People agonize about making great first impressions on dates and at job interviews, but when it comes to selling a house tons of people neglect the details that could make the best first impression. 

Sellers that neglect their home’s curb appeal miss the best opportunity to impress potential buyers.

I met with a potential seller yesterday who has a solid home in a popular neighborhood.  The problem – his home needed an exterior paint job about a decade ago and it’s still waiting.  This seller is a bit of a cheap skate and that’s okay, I can respect being frugal.  Unfortunately I know that not springing for a $3,000 paint job is going to cost him tons of potential buyers and a quick sale.  Nobody is going to get past the front door.  It won’t matter that the house has been meticulously maintained and updated on the inside.

If you’re thinking about listing your home this summer, now is the time to make sure your home has as much curb appeal as possible.  If you’re like the aforementioned seller and you want to save a few dimes consider doing the work yourself.  Lowe’s is offering seminars in April and May that will teach everything you need to know about painting your home yourself and landscaping your own yard. 

Neglecting your curb appeal is not an option in this market.