It seems like I talk to first-time buyers everyday who would love to live in East Lansing but think they can’t afford a home in the college town.  For some of those buyers there is hope, or should I say HOAP

The Homeownership Opportunity Assistance Program (HOAP) is non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization funded by the city of East Lansing’s Community Development Block Grant Program.  HOAP provides downpayment assistance up to $25,000 in a no interest loan, half of which may be forgiven in time.  HOAP is available to low and moderate-income people who want to buy a home in East Lansing. Homes purchased under the program may not be rented, must remain owner-occupied, and must meet city code requirements. Maximum income to be eligible is $50,900 for a family of four. Target neighborhoods are Bailey, Central, Red Cedar and Southeast Marble.

 Do you qualify?  For up to date information contact the program’s coordinator at 974-5433.

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