May 2007

Also going on this weekned is Lansing’s Be A Tourist in Your Own Town.

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town serves to acquaint area residents with hospitality-related businesses and attractions in order to create local “ambassadors” who will spread the word about Greater Lansing. The goal is to familiarize residents with the leisure options that are available in their own backyard so that when a visitor asks, “what’s there to do in town,” each and every resident can respond with countless suggestions and a sense of community pride. Local “tourists” are able to visit more than 35 area attractions throughout downtown Lansing and East Lansing using their passports purchased for $1.


The Greater Lansing Parade of Homes starts this weekend.  If you’re thinking of building a new home this is a great opportunity to interview builders and see their work.  If you’re not building it’s still a great time to research trends and get ideas for remodeling projects.  Plus it’s just fun to be nosy in cool new houses. 

Tickets are $10 for adults and part of the proceeds are donated to local charities. 

It is going to be a beautiful weekend – Perfect for taking in an Open House or two…  or twenty.

If you’re looking for Open Houses to attend in the Greater Lansing area check out the Open House Search at

If you’d like to see me at an Open House this Sunday you can find me from 12:00-2:00 at 2724 Trudy Lane.

Yesterday the Lansing State Journal reported online that Lansing-area house sales are up, but average sale prices are down.

If you want more detailed information about sales in your neighborhood just ask.

Anyone else out there an HGTV addict? 

If you’ve watched the show Designed to Sell you’ve met Donna & Shannon Freeman.  These tell-it-like-it-is real estate experts have a new book that anyone preparing to sell their house could benefit from. 

7 Steps to Sold shows you how to:

  • Give your house the competitive edge, even in a tough market.
  • Separate your emotional investment from your financial investment.
  • Select the right agent and protect your bottom line.
  • Employ the same marketing savvy and tools the pros use.
  • Think and feel like a “customer” so you can attract more buyers.
  • Enhance your return by allocating resources in the savviest way possible.
  • Turn home-selling anxiety into a fun and rewarding experience.

If you’re planning to sell anytime soon pick up a copy. 

I just read a piece in today’s LSJ about another condo development that is being proposed in downtown Lansing.  It looks like Lansing really is trying to go urban

Have you ever read a description of a listing and been super excited to see the house only to find out that what you read was outrageously misrepresented?

It happens all the time and I’m sure I’ve been guilty of exaggerating a time or two.  Here is a great list of real estate jargon defined courtesy of Bigger Pockets.

Have you experienced any AdSpeak not on this list?

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