When you’re a seller in a buyer’s market it can be hard to find a silver-lining.  Maybe the only good news is that Realtors are competing hard for any scrap of business they can find.  We’re competing harder and that means buyers and sellers are both getting better service.  With so many agents soliciting your business how do your chose one to sell your house, your biggest asset?

I think you should interview at least 3 agents (gasp, I’m advising you to check out the competition) and I think you should know what questions to ask during those interviews.  The 3 following questions aren’t the only ones you should ask, but they are questions you shouldn’t miss.

• What is your marketing plan?
Any agent worth hiring will have a marketing plan and they’ll have it in writing.  A few important things the plan should include are print advertising, an open house schedule and most importantly a plan to maximize your listing’s online presence.  More than 75% of buyers start their home searches online.  If your agent doesn’t have an online marketing plan that encompasses more than dropping your listing in the local MLS system you need to hire somebody else. 

• How much experience do you have?
Getting a real estate license in Michigan is easier than getting a driver’s license.  Make sure your agent knows how to get from taking a listing to closing a deal.  I’m not saying that you need to pick an agent who has been in the business for 25 years.  Newer agents often have fresher ideas, more time to spend on you and more drive to get a deal done so don’t discount them.  Just make sure your agent isn’t using you for practice.   

• Are you a full-time Realtor?
In a challenging market like we’re in now, if your agent isn’t working full time at their profession – don’t bother.

If you want to know more about what to look for in a quality listing agent just ask.