September 2007

Are you as tired as I am of constantly hearing about what is going wrong in Lansing?

I’m sure you are – so for a little pick-me-up you can spend a few minutes perusing Lansing Area Capital Gains, a new website that focuses on everything going right in Lansing.  In particular I was excited by their Capital City Comeback article.  Check it out!


Here is a problem two of my sellers have experienced recently.  Hopefully someone can benefit from their stories…

When they moved to Lansing a few years ago they didn’t know much about the local real estate market and they wrongly assumed that what was normal back home was also normal in Lansing.

The first case was a couple from Toronto who moved to Lansing and wanted to start flipping homes.  They bought a cute little bungalow on a nice street and renovated the home from top to bottom.  They did beautiful work.  The craftsmanship was perfect and all of the colors, materials and finishes they used were widely appealing.  By the time I met the couple they were already finished with all the work on the home and they had had the house listed with another agent for over 6 months.  They had no offers and obviously no sale.  What was the problem? (more…)