I was in a department store this past weekend looking for new bed linens and their were Christmas carols reverberating through the aisles of sheets and duvet covers.  I’ve come to haunted-house.jpgterms with Christmas starting before Thanksgiving, but now it starts before Halloween?  Maybe I’m just alarmed because I’m so Halloween focused right now what with being a Lansing Jaycee who is all about our Haunted House project. 

The Christmas music did get me to thinking about what the Lansing real estate market is usually like for buyers during the holiday season.  Buyer’s usually don’t want to look for homes in November and December because they feel like the market is cursed after Halloween.  They think the inventory of homes is low, that the won’t have enough homes to choose from.  I don’t think a lack of selection is going to be a problem this year.  Here are some current inventory statistics for homes in the average first-time buyer’s price range, between $100,000 and $150,000.

Lansing: 1,579 homes available

East Lansing: 201

Okemos: 221

Haslett: 158

Total for areas covered by the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors: 5260

That is a lot to choose from – Happy House Hunting!

photo by Frankeys Creation