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I’m not the only one who noticed that East Lansing is young and single.  After I wrote “East Lansing isn’t the Best, but it is Young and Single” I noticed RealView posted a similar article.    


Money Magazine has published their annual list of the 100 Best Places to Live in the United States.  I was bummed to see that none of the towns in my market area made the 2007 list

East Lansing did make some of the other lists…

East Lansing is the 7th singlest city in America.  67.1% of the people in East Lansing are swinging singles.  East Lansing is also on the young side.  In fact, East Lansing is number 20 on list of youngest cities with a median age of 23.05. 

I guess this is good news for all the singles hitting the speed dating scene

I’m a sucker for homes built in the 1920s and so are a lot of my clients.  Who can resit hardwood floors, built-ins and all the rest of the charm and character that comes with a house from that era?  Not me.

I get contacted often by first-time buyers who would kill for a historic home in East Lansing’s Chesterfield, Bailey, or Glencairn neighborhoods.  Then they tell me they’re pre-approved for a $150,000 mortgage.  Whoa, $150,000 isn’t going to get them very far in East Lansing.  But they shouldn’t despair, there are options for historic home lovers on a first-time buyers budget.

Lansing is full of neighborhoods built in the 1920s.  I know, Lansing isn’t East Lansing, but there are some great neighborhoods.  My favorite historic Lansing neighborhood is the Westside Neighborhood.  The basic outline of the neighboorhood is south of Michigan Ave., west of MLK, north of I-496 and east of Verlinden Ave./St. Joseph Park.  If you’ve never been over there take a drive through.  The neighborhood isn’t officially recognized as a historic district, but owners have taken the responsibility upon themselves to maintain the character and integrity of their homes. 

Can you tell which of these homes are in East Lansing and which are in Lansing’s Westside Neighborhood?


Check the comments to see if your answers are right.

The City of East Lansing and MSUFCU have teamed up with a new website, Home in East Lansing

The site divides the city into four areas and gives information about housing options specific to each neighborhood in the city.  There is also information about the community and the city’s HOAP program. 

It’s a nice tool for people considering a move to East Lansing.

Yesterday the Lansing State Journal reported online that Lansing-area house sales are up, but average sale prices are down.

If you want more detailed information about sales in your neighborhood just ask.

A recent article in the RealEstateJournal  suggests that college towns are some of the best places to make real estate investments.  East Lansing, home of MSU, definitely fits the profile.  Restrictions on rental licences make it difficult to find a great inventment property in EL, but they’re still out there.    

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First-time buyers usually cannot afford expensive homes.  If you’re one of the few who can more power to you, but most of us need a starter home, we don’t buy our dream home the first time out of the gate.  In most cases that is going to mean a compromise on location.  When I’m working with first-time buyers in the Greater Lansing area the top choices for location are always the suburbs, never Lansing itself.  However, most of my first-timers ultimately end up with a Lansing zip code because you get so much more for your money in Lansing.  Plus, contrary to popular belief – there are some GREAT neighborhoods in Lansing!

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