Michigan Real Estate

The Greater Lansing Parade of Homes starts this weekend.  If you’re thinking of building a new home this is a great opportunity to interview builders and see their work.  If you’re not building it’s still a great time to research trends and get ideas for remodeling projects.  Plus it’s just fun to be nosy in cool new houses. 

Tickets are $10 for adults and part of the proceeds are donated to local charities. 


Yesterday the Lansing State Journal reported online that Lansing-area house sales are up, but average sale prices are down.

If you want more detailed information about sales in your neighborhood just ask.

You may have heard of Michigan’s “Cool Cities” Initiative.  One of the goals of this movement is to attract more “urban pioneers and young knowledge workers” to Michigan.  In order to do this Michigan needs to know what would attract young professionals to our area.  Take this survey and inform the Cool Cities movement of what would make living in Michigan attractive to you.