If you’re new to the blog and not yet aware – I love, love, love homes built in the 1920s. 

So, I’m sorry if I go on about them too much, but there are some beauties available right now in the Westside Neighborhood and I wouldn’t feel right if I failed to mention them. 

You don’t see homes like these three on the market very often. 

Now the homes I’m about to show you are on the higher end of the price range.  Most of the homes in the neighborhood are a little smaller and sell in the mid 100s.  These three are some of the beauties of the neighborhood and I’m surprised that they’re all available at the same time.  Even in a slower buyer’s market I don’t expect them to be available for long. (more…)


This is the first post in what will someday be a snazzy resource for buyers looking to research all the different neighborhoods in Lansing.  Each Friday I’ll give you the dirt on a new neighborhood in the Greater Lansing area. 

My plan is to start by reviewing neighborhoods with housing options in a typical first-time buyer’s price range – $150,000 and below. 

My first target is Lansing’s Colonial Village Neighborhood.  Colonial Village sits in south Lansing and is bounded by Mt. Hope Ave. on the north, MLK on the east, Holmes Rd. on the south and Pleasant Grove on the west.  Colonial Village has a very active neighborhood association.  On top of their other duties, the CVNA provides residents with an annual garage sale, neighborhood picnic and holiday lighting contest.

The neighborhood boasts two parks, Holly Park & Elmhurst Park and has easy access to schools, shopping and the freeway.  This neighborhood appeals to a wide variety of buyers.  You’ll find retirees, newlyweds, families and singles all living in Colonial Village.

Typical homes in Colonial Village are between 900 and 1500 sq ft.  Many of the homes are cape cods, but there are also ranches and some larger two-story homes.  The homes were built anywhere from 1930 through the 1970s.  From the exterior, most of the homes in the neighborhood are well-maintained.  The residents here seem to take pride in keeping their homes looking good and keeping their neighboorhood neat.  Residents volunteer to plant flowers in the public spaces throughout the neighborhood.  Regular speed bumps keep the already light traffic moving slow. 

Right now there are 56 homes for sale in Colonial Village with listing prices from $80,500 to $154,900.  5 homes have sold in the past 30 days.  Here are the details on some of the recent sales in the neighborhood.

2116-quentin.jpg2116 Quentin Ave.
Sale Price: $130,000
Sq Ft.: 1,400
Beds: 3  Baths: 1.5
Days on Market: 98

1628-victor.jpg1628 Victor Ave.
Sale Price: $124,500
Sq. Ft.: 1,179
Beds: 3  Baths: 1.5
Days on Market: 37

1821-rundle.jpg1821 W. Rundle Ave.
Sale Price: $115,500
Sq. Ft.: 816
Beds: 2  Baths: 1
Days on Market: 28

I’ve said it before, but Colonial Village is one of my favorite Lansing neighborhoods, especially for first-time buyers.  If you live in Colonial Village or if you’re a buyer who passed on the neighborhood I’d love to hear your thoughts.