If you’ve noticed the empty building on the corner of Grand River Ave. and Okemos Rd. don’t worry.  Tomie Raines Okemos hasn’t disappeared, we’ve just moved.

You’ll find us now at:

3493 Woods Edge, Suite 100
Okemos, MI 48864

That’s just off Jolly Rd. between Okemos High School and Okemos Rd.  Come check out our new digs anytime.


If you’re new to the blog and not yet aware – I love, love, love homes built in the 1920s. 

So, I’m sorry if I go on about them too much, but there are some beauties available right now in the Westside Neighborhood and I wouldn’t feel right if I failed to mention them. 

You don’t see homes like these three on the market very often. 

Now the homes I’m about to show you are on the higher end of the price range.  Most of the homes in the neighborhood are a little smaller and sell in the mid 100s.  These three are some of the beauties of the neighborhood and I’m surprised that they’re all available at the same time.  Even in a slower buyer’s market I don’t expect them to be available for long. (more…)

It seems like home staging is all the rage, but professional staging hasn’t really hit the Lansing area yet.  Even without a pro there is a lot of basic staging you can do on your own.  These 9 tips I just saw from Lowe’s are a good place to start.

9 Tips for Staging Your Home on Your Own:

  1. First impressions count. Roll out the red carpet for potential homebuyers by sprucing up your entryways, especially the one on a lockbox. Welcome mats, planters filled with seasonal flowers, and clutter-free foyers and hallways set the stage.
  2. Sell the space, not your stuff. Remember that the goal of a successful showing is to make a prospect feel at home – like it’s theirs, not yours. Put away your extensive personal collections. Less is more: open up your space so prospects can actually see what they’re buying.
  3. Paint and elbow grease work wonders. Fresh paint and a thorough cleaning will give you the greatest “bang for your buck.” Remember that neutral walls are your best bet when staging a home for sale.  Lowe’s has all the right shades to make your home more inviting. Check out fun tools like the Lowe’s Paint Visualizer.
  4. Go with the flow. Arrange furniture for easy traffic flow. Consider placing a major piece of furniture at an angle, such as a couch or desk. Angles add interest and can create a more open feel.
  5. See the light. Move lamps to dark corners and arrange window treatments so that natural light floods your rooms. Brighter is better, and your rooms will look larger.
  6. Go green. Live plants can add decorative flair, without spending a bundle. Plants and cut flowers have a way of warming up a room.
  7. Don’t forget the outdoors, especially this time of year. If you have a porch, deck or patio, clean the furniture and replace worn cushions. Breath new life into your deck with a fresh finish.
  8. Make the kitchen sparkle. De-clutter the countertops by removing toasters, food processors and other non-decorative items. If you have a breakfast table or counter, put out a couple of table settings complete with place mats, napkins and dinnerware.
  9. Warm up an empty home. If your home is vacant, consider renting furniture for key rooms, but don’t go overboard.

I know this is an extensive list, but doing these things is actually important.  If you’re a seller and you can’t commit to everything on the list I’d suggest prioritizing by doing 3, 1, 2 and then 5.  After completeing those four steps you can move on to the rest.

I just stumbled onto a cool website geared toward 20 and 30 somethings living in Michigan.

MI Life MI Times

“An inside look at life, work, and play in Michigan by those in-the-know living here today. Daily articles will feature news and trends in culture, eco-friendly living, outdoor recreation, careers and much more.”

Check it out…

I just came home to find a crime scene in my living room.  I don’t know who did it – my dog Kibbe or my cat Bailey, but the cocker spaniel has a guilty look on his face and he had a bird in his mouth.

From what I can put together it looks like a bird must have gotten into my chimney and flown out of my fireplace.  I’m not sure how the dog or cat got a hold of the little birdie, but one of them did.  Of course my husband wasn’t home so I had to clean up the crime scene alone.  It was a sad and disgusting chore.

Don’t put yourself through an afternoon like mine.  Take advantage of the perfect weather on the way this weekend and give your house a good once-over.  Fix any cracks, gaps or other inlets that might give entrance to little critters this spring.

Now to get the dog and cat to stop staring at the fireplace like a couple of little kids waiting for Santa.