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I wasn’t kidding – if you missed out on the dream of living downtown in Printer’s Row you won’t have to wait long for more Lansing urban housing optionsPrudden Place is planning to add 48 new units to their existing 72 lofts.  Look for Phase 2 at Prudden Place to break ground this winter. 

Unfortunately Prudden Place is a rental community, but if you want to buy a downtown Lansing condo check out The Stadium District.


If you’re interested in buying a condo in Printer’s Row you better hurry – there is only one left.printers-row.gif

Printer’s Row was one of the first development’s in downtown Lansing to take advantage of a trend toward New Urbanism, a trend toward housing that is walkable

I’m excited to see what downtown Lansing is going to look like in the near future.  New housing options and new businesses (especially entertainment businesses and restaurants) are transforming our downtown.  After 5:00 and on weekends downtown Lansing used to be a ghost town.  Go down there now on a Thursday at 8:00 and you’ll be surprised by what you see. 

If you want to be a part of it and you can’t buy the last condo in Printer’s Row – don’t worry…  There will be other cool developments following in the footsteps of these row-houses. 

I’ve just come across another website that I think deserves some attention.  Develop.MetroLansing is full of information about new building projects happening in and around downtown Lansing.  I think of particular interst are the discussion forums specific to each project.  If you’re interested in what’s being proposed to change the downtown landscape take a minute and check it out.   

I just read a piece in today’s LSJ about another condo development that is being proposed in downtown Lansing.  It looks like Lansing really is trying to go urban

If you’ve spent any time downtown in the last few years you will have noticed that Lansing is experiencing an urban renewal.  Private developers are adding high-end apartments and condominiums to the Lansing market.  Most are taking the shape of lofts or row-houses designed to appeal young professionals who want a taste of urban life previously unavailable in the capitol city. 

Lofts and rowhouses are available to purchase or rent in several different developments.  Here are links to some developments you might be interested in checking out:



My favorite new downtown development has to be Printer’s Row(more…)