If you’re interested in buying a condo in Printer’s Row you better hurry – there is only one left.printers-row.gif

Printer’s Row was one of the first development’s in downtown Lansing to take advantage of a trend toward New Urbanism, a trend toward housing that is walkable

I’m excited to see what downtown Lansing is going to look like in the near future.  New housing options and new businesses (especially entertainment businesses and restaurants) are transforming our downtown.  After 5:00 and on weekends downtown Lansing used to be a ghost town.  Go down there now on a Thursday at 8:00 and you’ll be surprised by what you see. 

If you want to be a part of it and you can’t buy the last condo in Printer’s Row – don’t worry…  There will be other cool developments following in the footsteps of these row-houses. 


In September the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors is reporting 282 home sales.

The average listing price in Greater Lansing was $148,442 and the average sale price was $142,758. 

The highest sale was a home in Haslett that sold for almost 1 million bucks. 

Compare these numbers to September 2006 when 450 homes were sold with an average listing price of $156,237 and an average sale price of $151,010. 

Looking just at East Lansing sale prices are up even with sales volume down.  In September 06 the average sale price in East Lansing was $199,801, but in September 07 the average sale price was $217,810.  Goes to show you how important location is. 

Infomation is based on residential home sales – does not include condos or commercial properties.

Are you as tired as I am of constantly hearing about what is going wrong in Lansing?

I’m sure you are – so for a little pick-me-up you can spend a few minutes perusing Lansing Area Capital Gains, a new website that focuses on everything going right in Lansing.  In particular I was excited by their Capital City Comeback article.  Check it out!

Here is a problem two of my sellers have experienced recently.  Hopefully someone can benefit from their stories…

When they moved to Lansing a few years ago they didn’t know much about the local real estate market and they wrongly assumed that what was normal back home was also normal in Lansing.

The first case was a couple from Toronto who moved to Lansing and wanted to start flipping homes.  They bought a cute little bungalow on a nice street and renovated the home from top to bottom.  They did beautiful work.  The craftsmanship was perfect and all of the colors, materials and finishes they used were widely appealing.  By the time I met the couple they were already finished with all the work on the home and they had had the house listed with another agent for over 6 months.  They had no offers and obviously no sale.  What was the problem? (more…)

Yesterday Matt Bowler, the current President of the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors published a list of reasons why there is “Good News” for Greater Lansing.

Some reasons that made the list:

  • 94% of the work force in Lansing is working!
  • Lansing is the only region in the world with two new auto plants!
  • Sparrow Health Systems is growing and building at a record pace!
  • Ingham Regional is constructing a state-of-the-art Heart Center!
  • Cooley Law School is the largest law school in the country!

The list goes on and Matt is right, the Lansing area is growing and good things are happening. 

An item on Matt’s list that pertains to this blog, “The largest selection of homes in years is a major benefit for the buyers.”  INNW?

Currently in Lansing there are 1,583 homes for sale under $200,000.  That’s a lot to choose from.  Lately I’ve been working with several 1st time buyer’s looking for homes in the $100,000 to $125,000 price range.  In that price range there are 371 homes for sale in Lansing.  With all these homes to choose from there is something for everyone. 

Here are a few examples of what you can buy in Lansing for about $125,000 (click on the picture to find more details on each home):

2427-washington.jpg 2315-devonshire.jpg 2307-chatham.jpg 109-lincoln.jpg 1906-holly-way.jpg

I’m not the only one who noticed that East Lansing is young and single.  After I wrote “East Lansing isn’t the Best, but it is Young and Single” I noticed RealView posted a similar article.    

About six months ago my broker purchased Visual Tour software that allows all tripod.jpgof the agents with my company to photograph their own virtual tours.  Getting my tours just right has taken some time to master, but I think I finally have the hang of it. 

Being able to film my own tours is a huge benefit to my sellers.  Who better to do the tour – Obviously I know more about the features of the house I want to highlight than anyone else. 

So check out this tour that I photographed today and please grade me.